Collect. Analyze. Act.

Pomello quantifies culture and is the first of its kind, providing leadership teams with data and insights that drive higher performance and engagement.

Organizational Culture

Pomello Culture Survey

Collect: Online Culture and Engagement Surveys

Our culture and engagement surveys are based on 30 years of research in organizational behavior.

  • Assess and map out your company culture once or twice a year with our Culture Survey to gather critical input on how employees view the company‚Äôs core values and their own motivators.
  • Measure your company's employee engagement every 1-3 months with our Engagement Survey, and learn how your culture can increase employee happiness.
Check out our Interactive Demo for how to map your culture.
Pomello Core Behaviors

Analyze: Culture Mapping Delivers Key Insights

Learn what behaviors you can encourage to make your culture stronger.

  • Know where culture gaps exist in your company so you can close them or manage them proactively.
  • Understand the core causes of low engagement and performance and identify at-risk teams.
  • Discover underlying motivations and values and identify at-risk employees.
Pomello Trends and Insights

Act: Create Tailored Plans

The data and insights that we deliver on your employee culture and engagement allow you to create customized Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at the company, team, and individual level.

  • Manage culture change within your organization and track progress over time.
  • Give team leads custom plans for improving engagement and performance.
  • Guide managers to coach employees towards greater alignment and success.
Check out our Interactive Demo for how to evolve your culture.