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Maximize the potential of your employees and new hires through predictive culture data and analytics

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Why Pomello?


Happier employees are 12% more productive

Many employers know when they have low employee engagement, but few know how to identify the root cause. Pomello’s culture analytics predict engagement metrics to allow managers to solve problems in real-time.

Predict up to 70% of performance

Hiring managers and recruiters know how to evaluate skills, but often leave culture fit unstructured and inconsistent. Pomello allows your hiring teams to consistently select high-potential candidates which improves performance.


Reduce turnover by 50%

High turnover is costly. Employees and new hires that are a high culture fit for your organization are half as likely to leave compared to poor fit employees.

How It Works

Calibrate current culture with online exercises

Identify high potential and at-risk employees

Screen job applicants for culture fit

Pomello Integrates with Your Existing HR Workflows

Pomello analytics are designed to be used throughout your annual performance cycle delivering insight each quarter based on changes within your workforce.

A Year of Culture Management

Employees complete short online exercises to calibrate current culture


Define hiring success profiles and identify high potential and at-risk teams/employees


Mid-year performance review shows improvement on at-risk teams and new hire performance


Evaluate turnover data and recalibrate culture

Integration capabilities with: iCIMS, Greenhouse, Lever, Cornerstone, Ultipro, and more.

Trusted by Great Companies

Jake Miller

Jake Miller


Pomello played an important role in helping us identify early hires that could seamlessly integrate into our culture and not just contribute, but excel. This saved precious time and money!

Vicki Whisenhant

Vicki Whisenhant

Chief Performance Officer

I've been looking for a tool like Pomello for the past 20+ years, my entire career.

Mark Pimental

Mark Pimental

VP of Sales

Pomello is the most accurate predictor of performance that I have seen, and I have pretty much taken every test in the market to find something like this.