Technology is more powerful when it’s shared.

HR technology companies, job marketplaces, and consultants partner with Pomello to deliver unrivaled analytics capabilities to their end clients.

Job Marketplace

Pomello for HR Technology

We know we aren’t the only HR technology out there. Companies rely on a number of different products today to achieve increasingly complex goals. Yet they require fully integrated solutions. The future of HR technology relies on efficient data management across multiple providers. By providing simple API integration to more comprehensive partnerships, we connect with Applicant Tracking Systems, HR Information Systems, Performance Management and Employee Engagement platforms.

Some of our existing partners:

SAP Partnership iCIMS Partnership Greenhouse Partnership
Job Marketplace

Pomello for Job Marketplaces

Technology has enabled some of the biggest job marketplaces in the world. With lower barriers to apply to hundreds of jobs at once though, the amount of “noise” in the system has grown. This can make it confusing for both job seekers and companies to find the right fit. Pomello provides an efficient solution for marketplaces that are looking to provide a premium matching solution. Through a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) model, job marketplaces can now license Pomello’s leading, validated matching technology. Help companies and job seekers find the right fit by harnessing Pomello’s culture fit technology.

Some of our existing partners:

Talent Deck Partnership Mainz Partnership

Pomello for Consultants

Consultants are a critical part of the HR ecosystem. By providing an objective perspective backed by years of experience, consultants are able to guide companies through transitions that might otherwise be very rocky. Pomello augments a number of consulting practices by licensing its technology for engagements where quantitative, research-backed analytics will help drive impact.

Some of our existing partners:

Senn Delaney Partnership